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The company sale all the products in his own registered brands i.e. “SITA SHREE”, “SITA SHREE GOLD” & “NATURAL HARVEST”.

The Solvent Extraction plant of the Company manufactures following products:

Refined Soya Oil: A premium product which is highly refined for human consumption and marketed under brand name “NATURAL HARVEST”.

Lecithin: It is a co-product of degumming Soya Oil. After processing, it is available in powder, granules or liquid form and has different properties depending on their composition and method of production. Lecithin has many properties as an emulsifier, antioxidant, lubricant, anti dusting agent, mixing and blending agent and wetting & separating agent. Lecithin has multiple uses in food and beverages, animal feed, health and nutrition products, cosmetics and industrial coatings. For the majority of these uses relatively small amount (0.1% to 2%) of Lecithin is required. We produce all grades of lecithin.
Soya meal: We produce highly refined Soya Meal suitable for human consumption. This high protein component is used as food additive in a variety of products including Wheat Flour for increasing protein component. We also produce animal feed grade Soya DOC used as a major component of cattle feed throughout the world.